The Seychelles

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From Enchanted Island Resorts to Infinity Pools. From huge waterside terraces to walkways leading down to the beach. Seychelles is a unique blend of the luxurious modern amenities with the wonders of simplicity in nature. Beauty abounds at every turn, enchanting you into believing that you are the main character in a Romance Novel seeking your mysterious enchantments and miraculously finding them. Welcome to the land of exoticism and elitism.

THE GHOST OF THE HEADLESS WOMAN haunts a sea cave near the ruins of an ancient pirate’s fort. It is said she and her husband lived happily on the beautiful island until the day her brother-in-law came to visit. One evening, returning from a hard day’s work on the plantation, the husband found no one at home and so went in search of his wife and brother.

He walked deep into the forest and stopped to rest in a place overshadowed by tall coconut palms and giant takamaka trees. There he heard the sound of his brother’s jaunty whistle and saw his wife emerging from the undergrowth. Blind with fury in the certain knowledge that they had been caught together, the husband spun his scythe and cut off his wife’s head. At that moment a nearby magpie-robin repeated its perfect imitation of his brother’s distinctive whistle, and took flight. From that day on, the ghost of his wronged wife has haunted the island, and she is still blamed for anything that might go wrong.

Such and many are the folklores to enjoy on balmy evenings. Welcome to Seychelles.

1. What is the soul of the Seychelles?

Our people, culture and cuisine – it’s diversity yet perfect blending.

2. What is the main attraction in and around Seychelles?

The Seychelles Islands are made up of 115 islands – with a land area of 1,200,000km2 (same size of South Africa or 6 times the size of UK).  43 are granitic and 72 coraline. They are called the inner and outer islands. They are quite diverse too.  Victoria and its market, museum, Eden Island (man-made island), Botanical Gardens, Mission Lodge, La Plaine St. Andre distillery, nightclubs, local bazaars, tea factory/Tea Tavern Café, Vallee de Mai & its coco-de-mer, Anse Lazio beach, Black Pearl Farm Gallery, black parrorts, Fond Ferdinand, L’Union Estate, Anse Source D’Argent, Ox-carts and bicycles, Veuve Reserve (a type of bird found on La Digue), colonial architecture, churches, Hindu temple, mosque

3. What is the ideal itinerary when someone goes to Seychelles?

See attached for what I would normally recommend to anyone travelling to the Seychelles.

4. Can the Tourism Board provide a travel package which is covering all the things we should do in Seychelles?

STB normally works closely with its partners (airlines and DMCs). We do not normally provide travel packages.  We can recommend some activities and give advice.

5. Does the Board have some approved resorts/hotels that tourists should go to? If yes, can there be preferred pricing if booked through the board?

All the approved resorts/hotels should meet certain criteria and standards set by the Quality & Standard Department of the Tourism Board.  These properties are listed under the Seychelles Tourism Board website