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The Label Sticks is the premium PR channel of BDB Brand Management.

We specialize in showcasing to the audience, the story behind brands that seem glamorous and larger than life. At ‘The Label Sticks’ we take great thrill in identifying and uncovering the unique fabric of the DNA that makes a sustainable brand image.

With an extensive experience of highlighting brands from various lines of business, we also take your brand image to new heights. Having studied the market extensively, we have learnt that in the new-age world, be it an adolescent or a grown-up, each individual is very cautious of how they look or carry themselves, what they eat, where they go and where they are educated. Each one is trying to create an identity of their own with the support of brands. Labels existed ever since the world was introduced to quality brands but only a few Stuck! The Label Sticks is a platform for such brands.

The Label Sticks is a unique channel of BuyDoBuy Advertising LLC Ltd. BuyDoBuy is a Brand Management company based in Dubai. Being in the industry for over 25 years, it is an independent, creatively driven advertising agency that creates strong and provocative relationships between good companies and their customers.

At The Label Sticks, we have interviewed brand giants from different walks of life and believe that their names should be tagged under equally distinct titles:

  • Our Stars

  • Our Strikers

  • Learning Curve

  • Confi-fit

  • Ec-lectronic

  • BoutiqeBrands

  • Vanity Boost

  • Bon Voyage

  • Hot Wheels

  • Dream Builders

  • Gobbler Factor

  • Materials Matter

We already have eminent brand personalities on board – Rocky Star, Sonaakshi Raj, Rohit Verma, Rashmi Kumari and Wendell Rodricks and many more.

Together let’s unveil the story that is the key to your brand success as a label and feature it in our premium PR channel website “The Label Sticks”.

We would be more than glad to welcome you onboard to be a part of this elite website, conceptualized and designed to unveil the story behind successful people and businesses.

Kindly let us know a suitable date to conduct the interview or if you would like to just send in your answers let us know and we will furnish the questions.

For further information, please feel free to contact me on 050 3444805/ 04 2695999 or email me on sandy@bdbme.com.

Awaiting your kind response.