The Gobble Factor

The Gobble Factor

Food is an art and an experience and we love the brands who treat it as such. Meal time is a chance to excite all our senses and not just our taste buds. We are here to explore the brands who make it worth our while to gobble up in glory.


From a humble start to becoming a brand, from a brand to a trend and from a trend to an icon. Café Student has set itself in the heart of customers through its flavorsome food which sets it apart from the rest.

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The World’s Thinnest PizzaTM

It’s described as the life of a fashionista. NONNO was inspired by models, actors and other celebrities that take vigilant care of their bodies. After working closely with celebrities across the world NONNO was carefully designed to reduce the carbs and increase the level of nutrients in its ingredients. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? We couldn’t resist interviewing the person behind it, so we did. Here’s the exclusive interview with Mr. Talal Thabet, CEO, NONNO.

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The Farm, brought to you by the Zaal family, aims at developing unique natural residential communities and facilities. Presenting a truly exclusive setting where you can re-connect with the environment, The Farm allows you to enjoy quality time with friends and family. This unique concept and food style was more than fascinating to us. So here it is, an exclusive interview with the Head Chef – Chef Yves de Lafontaine.

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