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She believes fad diets are a waste of your time, talking to her leaves you in awe of her charming personality and extremely inspiring and fit physique. She believes in selling what she eats which is why quality is her prime concern. Meet Rashi Chowdhary, the fitness and weight-loss guru and owner of The Protein Bake Shop who spoke with The Label Sticks for an exclusive interview and revealed her secret five-point programme to weight loss.

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Meeting Yasmin was daunting and awe inspiring. Her presence comes across as someone who means business and who knows how to get there. But surprisingly she is not overly critical over how fit we normal mortals are, as she deals with film stars every day and seeing their perfect bodies all the time could color her opinion. Meeting her and chatting with her was like meeting a friend who could be straight forward with you and tell you right from wrong not necessarily in the tone you would like to hear. But then her firm tone of voice and steely resolve have made her a brand name to reckon with in the world of fitness. Presenting to you the reason we have the sexiest film fraternity in India – Yasmin Karachiwala.

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Meet Bharat Thakur, the yoga guru with a difference. He takes an approach that uses Asanas along with other Yogic techniques to work on all aspects of physical fitness – Flexibility, Strength, Cardiovascular Endurance, Agility and Coordinative Ability – to ensure that a person is optimally fit and alert in order to move towards higher practices like meditation.

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