Rohit Verma’s Tulsi Vrindavan Collection

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Meeting Rohit Verma again was a treat as he is my favourite person and a very nice human being. Meeting him was like meeting an old friend who I could be free with and laugh and chat with. So here is an excerpt from cold coffee with a hot designer.

Image: From left to right – Rohit Verma, Sandy Nathan, Anu Pama Verma

1. What’s been happening with the weddings scenes and Rohit Verma?

Well I have recently launched my Tulsi Vrindavan Collection, which is a very very big hit. Lot of Gujrati woman are going crazy about it. We’ve come up with an ivory and gold collection and this is one of the lines. Yes people are talking about it… plus I have come up with my own texture fabrics, taking our inspiration from Khadi. We have processed the khadi into our own elements and we have added more designing strokes to it and created men’s sherwani. This is also a huge rave – people are going crazy. Our new collections keepcoming but this year has been a very important year for me where there will be two major events – one where I’m getting an award again for the 2nd consecutive year from the Lion’s School and World Film Festival has invited me to Los Angeles to walk the red carpet and they’re honoring me with an award over there also. And yes looking forward to my big fashion show which we plan to have this April.

2. Does the Vrindavan and Tulsi collection suit healthy bodies?

When we do a shoot for a collection we obviously have skimpy cholis to attract. It looks glamorous because models have a very good physique. So we see the personality of a person and accordingly construct a garment. A longcorset or a long jacket looks really good on healthier people.

3. Have any celebrities come to you recently for wedding collections?

Yes, recently I dressed up Sunny again, she wore my gown. She hasn’t worn it yet, we’ve just sent it. So it should be everywhere on social media and all. Nishal Rawal is going to wear one of my outfits. And lots of talents are coming up to me to take clothes and advise, we have a couple of stars lined up for next week. Agarwal’s wedding in Gujrat was completely designed by me. They’re very huge and Ahmedabad, and we got very good response for it. Since its the beginning of year we have a lot of appointments taken care of.

4. Name five new trends this year?

Capes are very much in, ball gowns are very much in for receptions. Very Victorian-style ball gowns. Then concept saries in a different style is very much in all the drapes are out now – straight cuts, simple cuts are all in.

5. How is your new branding working for you?

I’ve been getting good response from people and I’ve been getting a lot of calls. We’re also rebranding our zipper bags and hangers. So, everything will be new in 2016. It will be a good year for all the designers. Because a. its number 7 and a lot of festivals are falling at the right time according to Vastu. So I think full of colors, people are very experimental. A lot of holidays are following and I have already got two good-news. I just think it will be good for everyone.

6. Any plans of expansion?

We’re planning to open a store in London. So yeah, the top 7 I’m aiming for. Dubai I’m trying – I want somebody to take my franchisee, so if somebody approaches me I’ll give it to them.

7. You love travelling?

Yes, I went to Maputo last month. I went to Lilongwe and Blantyre then I went to Maputo Mozambique, beautiful people, it was a beautiful experience.

8. How does your style change in Africa? Do you also cater to Indians there?

No, no in fact people in Africa are very funky, very loud, and they like unusual stuff which is my forte. When we talk about London they are very subtle and subdued, but Africans are very experimental in terms of prints, clothing, you can give them anything and they’ll wear it.

Rohit Verma: I have been called to San Francisco for an award but its all hush hush and I will let you know soonest all the details