Sensai Wrinkle repair series: Defining a new era in skincare.

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Sensai Wrinkle repair series: Defining a new era in skincare.

Sensai Wrinkle repair series: Unlocking a breakthrough in anti-ageing technology.

The discovery of premium Koishimaru silk, that promises silky, moisturized & beautiful skin, has garnered worldwide recognition & appreciation for Sensai. Known as a high-end luxury brand, SENSAI continues to introduce an enviable variety of skincare products & has leveraged its ‘super prestige’ stance with an exclusive anti-ageing range – ‘Wrinkle repair cream & Wrinkle repair eye cream.’

The all-new wrinkle repair series is crafted with one-of-a-kind ‘triple technology’ that empowers skincare with supporting collagen. Widely known as a major contributor to the youthful appearance of skin, collagens are strong & flexible fibrils that create a mesh to support the intercellular structure & tissue, cushioning the skin, thus contributing to the skin’s elasticity & firm look. Triple technology by Sensai supports a creation of new collagen throughout the skin’s lifecycle that declines due to internal & external factors, ultimately leading to wrinkles & sagging skin.

Backed by extensive research, the breakthrough anti-wrinkle technology infuses ‘triple action’ – HA/COL booster, moon peach leaf extract & himefuro flower extract that helps to maintain youth, reinforcing natural collagen activity within. Known for regeneration & regulation, the technology also prevents it from decaying over time, making it the one and only technology to approach the stimulation of collagen in different ways simultaneously.

HA/COL booster is a unique compound that reduces old collagen by accelerating its breakdown & helping you to get rid of worn out fibrils that trigger wrinkles. While, moon peach leaf extract, mined from the Shell Ginger plant originating in Okinawa, Japan, stimulates the creation of fibroblasts, cells that are responsible for producing new collagen, generously restoring your skin’s suppleness. Being extracted from Geranium robertianum, himefuro flower extract is traditionally used as a natural herbal remedy to defend against collagen deterioration that is the major cause of ageing skin.

Wrinkle repair cream & Wrinkle repair eye cream ensure flawless as well as rejuvenated skin all day long, making your skin feel beautiful. The rich, comforting Wrinkle repair cream is designed to moisturize skin, re-plump visible lines & ease the impressions of age, leaving the skin smooth. Assuring eyes that sparkle with a new radiance, the smooth, creamy texture of Wrinkle repair eye cream deeply moisturizes the eye area, reducing the effect of age-driven fine lines.

Available in 40ml & 15ml at AED 1043 and AED 729 respectively, Wrinkle repair & eye cream have proven results in smoothening the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles in just 4 weeks. The wrinkle repair series promises to be effective, holding the potential to transform the anti-ageing skincare segment with its superior technology & unparalleled triple action formula.

SENSAI is a “supper prestigious” anti-ageing skincare & fragrance Japanese brand available through selected perfumeries and department stores in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. All SENSAI products are formulated with Koishimaru Silk, the finest Japanese silk formerly reserved for the exclusive use of the Imperial family. SENSAI is available at Paris Gallery, Areej & Debenhams in Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi.