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How important is a good night’s sleep was brought to our attention by the people who have been providing the best mattresses in the region – INTERCOIL. In the constant quest to bring innovative sleep related products to our region, Intercoil brings us VISPRING, because SLEEP MATTERS.

VISPRING is the Mattress Brand since 1901, these were the mattresses for the 1st class cabins in many regal cruise liners including the TITANIC. Their mattresses are in the royal palaces in England and in the homes of many Hollywood celebrities. Built around the very unique innovation of pocket springs and side vents these mattresses include the most natural fibres to regulate your body temperature. Having witnessed their making during a very beautiful launch party, the Label Sticks brings to you the exclusive interview with the people passionate about your sleep!

1. Tell us the famous places where the Vispring mattresses have been. I believe they were on the Titanic!

As well as many other prestigious London hotels, Vispring is in the Dorchester, London and will soon be in the Dorchester in Milan. A list of hotels can be found on  The White Star Shipping Line was indeed the first customer and the Titanic was one of the ships in that line with Vispring mattresses in the First Class cabins.

2. Tell us more about the pocket springs and the side vents as they are unique to your mattresses.

Pocket Springs offer support / natural materials offer comfort. Depending on the quantities and mixtures used, a different level of support and comfort type can be achieved. Furthermore, when sleeping on a Vispring mattress, sweat and hot air are naturally absorbed by the natural materials immediately underneath the sleeper. The sweat and hot air are then blown out through the ventilation ducts at the side of the mattress when the body turns over on the springs during the night. This ensures a dry and therefore healthy and comfortable night’s sleep.

3. You do say that the cotton in your mattresses regulates body temperatures. How do you alter the mixes of the mattresses to ensure a comfortable experience for our Arabian temperatures?

All natural materials, cotton, wool and horsehair regulate body temperature because they all allow the body to breath. It is foam (a man-made product) which traps body heat and sweat. It is a misconception that wool makes you hot (because jumpers are often made of wool). The jumper is actually keeping the body temperature regulated, neither too hot or too cold, by allowing the body to breath. As a result it is the combination of springs and natural materials which offer the overall luxury sleeping experience. All mattresses used to be made this way until foam became easy to manufacture in the middle of the last century and therefore less time consuming for bed manufacture. Vispring never made this transition and still uses the same craftsmanship it used 100 years ago which now makes the manufacturing process a unique selling point.

4. What are the classifications of the beds that will be on offer to the UAE audience?

The UAE audience will have full access to the whole Vispring standard range as well as being able to customise customers’ individual requirements in terms of shape and size.

The classic (entry level) range of beds has one layer of pocket springs in the mattress and one layer of pocket springs in the base. The prestige (mid-range) of beds has two layers of pocket springs in the bed and one layer in the base. The luxurious range of beds has 2 or 3 layers of springs in the base and 2 or 3 layers of springs in the mattress.

All ranges have the most exclusive natural materials sourced from all over the world and are hand side stitched by craftsmen for extra comfort and durability. The classic range has large quantities of wool, cotton and horsehair and in the more luxurious models the cotton is substituted by a higher quantity of wool and higher grade of wool, like cashmere and mohair and silk and  horsetail.

The bespoke range of beds is unique to each customer and can be made entirely to the customer’s request and even material requirement.

5. What other accessories like the beautiful headboards and fabrics do we have available to the UAE luxury consumers?

Headboards in a wide range of fabrics including editors like Designers Guild, Dedar and Carlucci. There are also mattress protectors, pillows and toppers all in natural materials.