Vanity Boost

by admin | August 6, 2015 10:15 am

Confidence comes from within you but what’s outside matters just as much. Looking good always feels good. You don’t want to miss what our little vanity has for you, do you?

“For us it is important that our customers find our product at the right place”
Sensai Acting Area Sales Manager Jean-Francois Courdy speaks to The Label Sticks



Silky Design Rouge from Sensai – Discover the perfect lip colour.

Sensai continues with its legacy of offering premium products in the beauty
arena; introduces a silky, sensuous and stunning range of lipsticks, ‘Silky Design Rouge’.



Sensai Wrinkle repair series: Defining a new era in skincare

Sensai Wrinkle repair series: Unlocking a breakthrough in anti-ageing technology.

The discovery of premium Koishimaru silk, that promises silky,
moisturized & beautiful skin, has garnered. worldwide recognition & appreciation for Sensai.



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