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As rhythmic as it sounds, ‘Shongololo’ is full of pleasant surprises that set your mood on track and accelerate your joy level to the maximum, ultimately gifting you an unforgettable travel experience. Get ready to take your seat and explore stunning African destinations, exotic food and above all, African hospitality. Let your morning views be that of sweeping landscapes and your evenings be busy with excursions and sight-seeing. Revel in the beauty of Shongololo Express and discover something exciting each time you cross a mile.

So here’s an interesting talk with the Shongololo Express Representative.

How would you define Shongololo Express?

Shongololo Express is an African adventure journey that will mesmerize you with its all-encompassing tourism offerings. From scenic lands to desert dunes and safari, experience it all with great delight.

What is the motto behind introducing Shongololo Express?

We aim to provide great southern African train adventures. The idea of introducing Shongololo Express is to offer an ultimate safari experience through railways. The train traverses Southern Africa on various journeys, taking passengers to Cape Town, Dar es Salaam, Victoria Falls, Namibia, the Karoo and the Garden Route.

What makes it special?

I think travelling by train through Africa is special in itself. We also have a great team on board headed up by train manager, Senele. Our service and dedication makes for a memorable experience too. The addition of the open-air balcony at the back of the train is also lovely as guests can sit outside and breathe in fresh air whilst watching the countryside passing by. Not only, the train journey, you’ll enjoy an adventure beyond the tracks on thrilling off-train excursions.

What is the minimum and maximum tour days offered by Shongololo?

Minimum is 12 and maximum is 15. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to experience South Africa in the most special way. The 12-day journey will take you to Namib-Naukluft Park, Etosha National Park, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay via Dune Express and Kapama Game Reserve, Antelope Park, Matobo National Park and Victoria Falls via Southern Cross tour. If you choose the 15-day tour, it features both a golfing and non-golfing itinerary.

What’s the most amazing part of these tours?

The three journeys that are offered on the Shongololo Express traverse beautiful scenery. The Dune Express travels through the Namib Desert and the Good Hope Golf meanders along the world-famous Cape Garden Route which is renowned for its beauty. For the true safari experience, the train will take you to first-rate game reserves, where you’ll get to see an abundance of wild animals on game drives. And on the golfing journeys, golfers will visit some of the best golf courses in Southern Africa, including Leopard Creek, Fancourt Golf Estate and Ernie Els Oubaai Golf Club.

When you mention adventures, who do you mean by that?

Train travel is in itself an adventure! From luxurious stay options to dining area ambiance, cozy lounge, rejuvenating balcony and expert service, we make sure, you experience adventurous tour at the best without worrying about any glitches while you are touring with us.

What is the best time for journey in Shongololo Express?

We operate our journeys throughout the year – except for the Dune Express as we tend to run this trip in the cooler months as the desert is too hot in summer. The best time is always autumn or spring.

A memorable moment that you would like to share which occurred in Shongololo Express?

We’ve had a few marriage proposals on board and those are always really sweet and special!

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to something special and unique; travel Africa the Shongololo way. Shongololo will make your journey even joyous; you will travel during the night and wake up to a new destination, each morning, simply to adore the beautiful landscapes that the nature has to offer. An adventurous experience awaits you.