“For us it is important that our customers find our product at the right place”

Sensai Acting Area Sales Manager Jean-Francois Courdy speaks to The Label Sticks

1. How do you see the market in this part of the world?

For us it was very important to issue a fragrance as for the last many years we have been dealing with skin care and make up products. It was important for us to release this fragrance in the Middle East particularly in Dubai because we know that this market is 60% done with fragrances so it was really an opportunity for us to be present in Dubai with a new fragrance.

2. How do you see social media as an area of promotion for the brand?

Social media is the present and also the future. So definitely, we need to be present in social media. We are present in Facebook for example, some bloggers, and we feel presence in social media is very necessary.

3. How was it entering the new fragrance segment and how do you foresee it doing in the market?

We are actually very proud having these two fragrances; the Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette since they are both very different. For other brands, the two just mean a difference in concentration, but for us, if you actually smell, they are basically different. It’s just like issuing two different perfumes.
To be here in the Middle East with two different fragrances gives us a super opportunity to deal with our regular customers as well as new consumers to tell them we are Sensai and this is what we can offer you.

3. Do you plan to introduce new fragrances to the market? By when?

At Sensai we plan to take one thing at a time. So of course we have a strategy for the years to come, but for the time being we also want to ensure that this will bring success to the brand and we want to encourage our local and news consumers to use our skin care line at the same time.

4. Sensai’s a premium brand with a low media presence. Is that part of a strategy?

Indeed, you are very right. This is because we believe in our final consumers. For us we think that the best is for our loyal consumers to find our product at the best place. This means at the right store, at the right place in the store etc. So, media is a very nice tool to talk about the brand but right now our target is to be strong in stores, to be well seen, well presented ad then we think about the media and magazines in general. With Sensai the Silk, you will see us visible in magazines.

“Our Sensai perfume itself is its brand ambassador as the product speaks for itself”

Sensai Head of Traning, International Training Division Manuela Kleiner speaks to The Label Sticks

1. If your brand was a person how would you describe it?

Sensual, delicate, feminine. A person which also has a strong personality and is fascinating.

2. Who inspires you outside this field and why?

(Laughs) The competitors. I am inspired by the kind of product we offer, for example the design of our product, so sophisticated, so elegant and totally different from all our competitor products.

3. Tell us something about Sensai The Silk- The First Fragrance?

We were in the past years totally focusing on skin care products. Sensai-The Silk is somehow the final touch that completes the Sensai universe and the Sensai story.

4. Tell us about the unique selling point of this product?

It reflects the brand, our philosophy and the Silk on Skin.

5. If you were given one super power, what would it be?

One super power.. I would like to transmit this power of silk to all women so that they can feel and experience this preciousness on the skin with the silk and our product.

6. What is your favorite Sensai product?

I have been using Sensai since 2007 and now at the moment my favorite is our new fragrance Sensai- the Silk and in terms of skin care products, I use Ultimate.

7. How do you foresee Sensai will do in the market?

I hope Sensai The Silk will perform very very good all over where ever we have Sensai released and it will be a new inspiration for the modern woman today.

8. Who would you consider as a brand ambassador for Sensai?

We have been thinking very many times to have a brand ambassador, to have a lady who is transmitting the philosophy of Sensai but honestly speaking our product speaks for itself.

9. Help us explain the transition from Kanebo to Sensai?

Kanebo is the mother company and under Kanebo we do have several brands under several price levels. Sensai is the most prestigious brand from Kanebo. Since our plan is to be a global brand, we chose to go with the name Sensai because many years ago Sensai was very very famous as a special line from Kanebo, it was so popular that we decided to keep the name Sensai because when you hear the word sensai, it basically reflects everything we have to do with silk; finesse, delicacy, softness and smoothness and also the material of silk.
As a brand with Sensai, we wanted to be unique, we wanted the name Sensai with all these elements to be unique.

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