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NJ2 Design – Brand History

Two years ago Nouf, an avid handbag addict decided that she wanted to make her mark in the Kuwaiti fashion industry, specifically the handbag one and with the help of her creative sister, NNJ Designs was born !!

1. How is it working with your sister?

We inspire each other on many details.  My sister designs shoes but her project is on hold for the moment as she is currently sourcing new manufacturers in Italy as wants to take her Brand to a whole new level.  My sister is my number one critic, she helps me see things through a different eye in an objective and non critical way.  We have passions for different accessories so thankfully we do not clash !

2. Your brand inspiration? Paris? London? Italy?

My main inspiration is from Europe, specifically Italy.  I love following the tannery’s and seeing the amazing leathers they produce.  For trends, yes I normally get some inspiration from fashion weeks but mainly I get inspired by what I would want in a handbag and I always listen to my family and fashionable friends too for inspiration.

3. How often do you travel?

At least every month to either Lebanon, Paris, America or European destinations – therefore a handbag whether it be for travel or fashion is a highly essential part of my life !

4. Which brand of car do you drive or love?

A Range Rover Sports

5. Your brand product line description?

We are a highly luxurious line of handbags created by a Kuwaiti educated, fashion forward and highly passionate lady.  I am so passionate about my career that I gave up my full time job to focus on my designing and creative side.  Also I want to be fully part of the process so I buy all acceessories and leathers myself.

6. How has your brand sustained?

Through a lot of sheer hard work and determination in an every fickle industry!

7. Expansion plans – Why Dubai?

A lot of my online orders are from clients in Dubai and other GCC countries.  As Dubai is the hub for many GCC nationals it is the next step in my plan to take over the region and the world !

8. What is x factor in your brand ?

I believe it is my attention to details as well as the usage of high quality opulent accessories from Italy.  As you know Kuwaiti women are all about the bling and I love to incorporate this into some of my designs.

9. What do you do for leisure?

Spend time with my children and husband and travel as well as trawl through blogs and the internet for new and upcoming trends.

10. What is your favorite brand?


11. If your brand was a person, How would you describe it?

Fun, sassy, highly confident and reliable !

12. Your favorite travel destination

Paris, do I even need to expand on why ?

13. Which celebrity do you follow?

I am Ahlam obsessed !  Mainly because my friends and mother especially tell me I have her Diva antics !

14. What would you be if not this?

I would still be Nouf but would be missing something in my life like creativity and making ladies happy with designing bags.

15. If there was a movie written on your life what would be the title?


What is that one motivational statement that keeps you motivated every morning?

My business manager Tara telling me that I need to focus focus focus and be the best that she believes I can be and to know that she ensures I am causing waves in the handbag industry bit by bit !

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