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Broke up soon after you tattooed his name on your wrist? Well, today this is the last thing to worry about. When you have a non-invasive tattoo removal technique from Linda Paradis, you’re always ready to move on in life. The first leader to introduce this unique tattoo removal technology, Linda Paradis is an International PMU & Tattoo Removal Educator since 1996.

Meeting Linda was wonderful as she shared with us some interesting insights into the world of Dermopigmentation. Give it a read.

Tell us about yourself

I am a Dermographist and international trainer in Dermopigmentation since 1996. I have over 25 years of industry experience as a clinical practitioner, trainer, and international examiner, Linda continues to enhance and broaden her knowledge of the skin and travels worldwide to share her findings with industry professionals, physicians, and other educators in her global tattoo removal training courses.

How does it feel to be the first international leader to launch and develop a safe and secure technique in tattoo removal?

Honestly, the world of dermopigmentation fascinates me. Imagine, colouring or treating a part of your skin so that you don’t have to apply make-up every day. Isn’t that amazing? But yes, at some point, you might feel like undoing it or trying something new. And I am fortunate to having found a non-invasive tattoo removal technique. For me, innovation is the key driver and this is what keeps me going and come up with new solutions.

Do you give training to others?

I travel to New York, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Sydney, Johannesburg, Florida, Vietnam, and many more places to share my knowledge in this field. I do conduct seminars, in-depth educational training courses on tattoo removal technique and exquisite workshops with professionals and experts.

What’s the product called?

Tattoo Remoov. It takes the spot as the most advanced and effective product to remove unwanted ink. This method is a non-laser and non-surgical method made of non-acidic components. This miracle solution for permanent makeup and body art ink removal is a safe and effective alternative to laser removals and surgical excisions.

What’s special about your technology?

We have invented Cartridge 88 which surfs on the skin and does not penetrate the dermis because of the unique round-square configuration. Tattoo Remoov is used with Cartridge 88 on the skin to remove all tattoo colors without pain, redness, inflammation and scarring. This product is mainly constituted of cosmetic and food molecules with the best appropriated dosage.

Tell us something about your tattoo machine

Linda Paradis’ Dermo Power Pen is ISO and FDA approved. The Dermo Power Pen is among the best in the industry providing a high performing design and versatility for use with all permanent makeup procedures and removal services. When used with the TR88 needles for tattoo ink extractions, you can expect a smooth experience with no vibrations and ease of use, without ever penetrating the skin.

Motto that you live by

Innovation is sharing.