Kavita Arora

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Kavita’s Junne Couture is for the women with individual and bold taste for fashion. It’s all about fusion wear with a lot of glamour attached to it. Her flair for experimental fashion and passion for creating something exceptional has led her to define a woman’s style in the most graceful manner possible. Every season has a blend of extravagance & femininity in the perfect partnership.

Tell us something about your passion for designing and how it all began?

I have always loved style. For me, passion towards creativity was inborn. Even though I graduated as an engineer, I was always more keen on learning and experimenting with my looks with new kind of styles and fashion in the UK. After graduation I was already doing small trunk shows of my designs.

What’s behind the name – Junne Couture?

JUNNE, is inspired by a roman goddess Juno, She is a protectress of women and brides. Junne is not fashion from the outside, it’s about feeling beautiful & powerful.

Tell us something about your collections

The rise collection is very bold and strong. It has solid colours, detailed & highly crafted fringes, using the best quality crystals. The cuts are unique and pieces are dominant. It’s all about making a statement in the rise Line

Do you have different designs for India and this region?

We do similar designs for both the nations, but yes Dubai is close to my heart and I launched my season’s collection with the beautiful and revered Her Excellency Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi.

What do you think this region needs in terms of fashion?

This region is absolutely mind blowing when it comes to fashion. It’s so rich in taste, daring and upbeat. Honestly I need to launch a line of abayas for the U.A.E

Why did you think of bringing your line of clothing to this region and not any other place in the world?

Like I said I love Dubai; the warmth of this city touches my soul.

Are there any expansion plans?

Absolutely, having a store on Jumeriah road is my dream & my plan of action, inshallah.

In this competitive industry, how do you craft your niche?

I believe in honesty and hard work. No one can take your position if you give more than your 100%. Simply put, be honest, stay grounded, no shortcuts, work smart & you will reach your goals.

What inspires your creations?

My mother. She is my all-time inspiration. She is a strong, beautiful & a kind hearted woman who has infinite splendid sides to herself.

Which statement motives you every morning and what keeps you going?

Practicing gratitude motivates me every morning. The love for what I do is unstoppable, that’s the fuel to my passion.