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Meeting the most charming HH Sheikha Hend Al Qassimi was a treat for the soul, being as beautiful inside as she is outside, she highlighted the importance of character and a kind spirit in today’s materialistic world. What a breath of fresh air it was to meet this emblem of true royalty of the Soul. Here are the excerpts from her short but impactful interview.

1. Can you tell us about your association with jewelry?

Well after all am a girl, I love to wear jewelry, of course with us, all you see is the ring and perhaps the watch. Even our bracelet will not show until we want it to. We definitely love jewelry, in our gatherings we wear jewelry on a daily basis. My grandmother used to wear heavy necklaces and sometimes she would even go to sleep with it. A girl is a girl because she wears her jewelry!

2. Your favorite brand that you patronize?

I like variety something like Piaget, Tiffany, and others, I love to accessorize and will wear something appropriate for the place I am in. Of course I will not wear all my diamond pieces walking down Bond street. But I love a wide variety of styles, perfect for every occasion.

3. In your view, what defines beauty of a woman?

I feel external beauty fades with time, the real beauty is found when you have kindness in your heart. That always reflects on your facial expressions and in your genuine smile. Educated, kind and well spoken women shall live forever and we can never forget their beauty. The beauty of her soul lives on and it never expires. Also her elegance makes an impact and elegance doesn’t have to be fashion, true elegance reflects in your manners towards people.

Manners and etiquette make a big impact and how her attitude is in dressing. It also is to be noticed how she speaks, loudly, rudely, nicely etc. So body language and mannerisms make a huge impact.

4. What is the next challenge that you would like to take up?

I love challenges as without challenges your victory is tasteless. You sometimes create your own hurdles and it is important for you to overcome them. Once you conquer your challenges you feel like a hero and a champion.

For my next challenge I am approaching the business field very aggressively this year and I am hoping for the best. I have a restaurant; it’s a new concept in the Emirates, never done before. It’s a flower café concept. I would be holding design spaces over there where people with anything under the umbrella of design would be hosted there, may be like once in a week whether it’s in fashion, jewelry design or even like jewelry hosting or fashion hosting. We also have a book corner, the style is very bohemian and chic. People who would be going there would be of the Velvet class of society. By velvet class I don’t mean the rich but people who have a rich soul and people who have class. I believe in ordinary people who suddenly rise to do extraordinary things that help society.

I have covered an amazing lady her name is Saher Hussain. She is an Afghani, Pakistani, British and she has something like adopt a camp. She has over 200,000 workers in the employee camps. She goes to them, she helps her, educates them and somehow picks up the language and gets them better jobs. She helps their youngsters treat their sicknesses and teaches them how to use computers so that they could communicate with their families. This to me is great.

5. Can you tell me one statement that keeps you live when you are down?

God is everywhere.We have something called ‘Bismillahe Rahmane Raihem’ the name of God the most merciful and gracious. So mercy is repeated twice to us.Whenever you feel down or feel like nothing is working if you remember God is with you every day in your life it just makes you feel better.