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Sandy Nathan, director of BDB Brand Management LLC (www.bdbme.com), heads the branding and PR of many multinational brands under her company. Working with the best, her company’s clientele enlists some prestigious brands like Mercedes-Benz, Electrolux, Hoover, Russel Hobbs, Gerard Darel, Alfa Romeo, Saab and Volvo (Geely), Western Auto, Manlift, furniture brand 2XL, leading Japanese skincare brand Sensai, popular French lingerie brands Chantelle and Passionata, Loreal and Medcare Hospital among others.

A qualified Cost Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst, she began her career with the Al Ghurair Group in the engineering division and then moved on to Interconsult, working in close association with big names in the industry like Merrill Lynch, Solomon Smith Barney, Lazard Freres and CIBC as a Portfolio Manager and Financial Consultant of high net worth groups in UAE and Oman.

She ideated and published weekly articles on ‘International Money Markets’ for 7 years published in ‘The Times of Oman’ under the title of ‘Money Markets’ that mapped out the changes in the US, Europe and Japanese financial market trends the financial markets she specialized in .

Her role at BDB is multifaceted, where she Directs the complete operations of all aspects of the company, from financial management to creative output and the smooth functioning of all departments. As part of brand management, Sandy directs market research for multinationals and plans their product launch platforms with her qualified teams of professionals, and plans the promotion of brands using a wide spectrum of media vehicles involving retail promotions, pricing analysis and creative campaigns.

Taking forward her love for design and her professional expertise in Cost and Project Management she set foot in the foray of interior design and projects by setting up her own Interior Design unit called Dot Ten Technical Services that focuses on fusing high tech solutions within the retail and corporate structures to make retail marketing promotions much more effective and scalable and corporate settings that much more new age.

Soaring on an ascending entrepreneurial graph, she has had the good fortune of working with the best in the financial and advertising industry, thus gleaning far more professionalism and expertise from two of the most booming industries. Leading on from her passion in business, she has also been appointed as a Director by the SME Chamber of India and the India International Trade Centre to promote the women’s wing in business development. She is also the Director of Diplomat’s Summit, a UK company which is a global consortium to foster private and public sector partnerships.

In her free time she is a writer and loves interviewing celebrity brands with an unquenchable thirst to unveil engaging brand stories through her recently launched PR channel registered in the UK called ‘The Label Sticks’(www.thelabelsticks.com).

A well-known business entity, Sandy has been featured in various magazines and interviews for her work and is graced with the status of mentoring her employees with her fiery approach to professionalism and excellence in accomplishing the highest possible pinnacle in creativity and branding.