Chitwn Malhotra

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Meet Chitwn Malhotra, the designer and creative energy behind the most exclusive collection of Diamond Jewelry to come to our sunny shores. She exudes an aura of positivity with a firm belief that she can always achieve what she believes in. This power house of energy and beauty inspires in us all a spirit that there are a few stars that shine on any horizon and all that is needed is a firm belief in your abilities. Through this interview we get personal with the creative dynamo herself.

1. What is the inspiration behind these new collections?

This is my first launch in Dubai and I need to come with my best. We have all kinds of collections starting from AED 1000 to AED 4.6 Million. The inspiration behind this collection is My Daughter’s name Myra, and it is the story of a princess, as we want to make every women feel special. There is no better way to make her feel special than jewelry that complements her style.

2. How many collections do you come up with in a year?

We collaborate and produce four different collections in a year.

3. Are they as per seasons or occasions?

Our collections are as per occasions and festivals, as that determine the style of the pieces being produced.

4. Are you more into traditional stuff during Diwali Time?

Yes. We make more traditional and more of polki style pieces, during Diwali time, but we infuse modern touches and have very unique collections.

5. Do you have exclusive stores to showcase your collections?

We have two stores in Delhi and basically by the end of the year we are planning to be in Dubai, Singapore and London with our stand alone stores.

6. Are your collection available in any of the stores presently here?

Not in Dubai. But in another few months it will be

7. Are your collections only Diamonds or precious Gems?

We have Diamonds, Emerald, Ruby and Uncuts. We have everything in Jewelry.

8. What is the most important part of Jewelry like the design, look or the color?

I feel that the comfort is most important! If you are comfortable in the piece you are wearing, you will carry it confidently. So we pay a huge amount of attention on the smooth finishes of all minute parts of the pieces.

9. What you are wearing right now, looks like it was just made for your body?

This is one of my favorites as I am comfortable in it. If something is hurting me or if something is too loud for my structure it will not look good. It has to suit my personality to look attractive.

10. Are your creations to be worn only at parties and occasions or do you make things for regular wear too?

Jewelry is meant for every occasion. Most of my clients need simple basic solitaires. I really think solitaires say it all.

11. How many people work in your workshop?

Approximately 45 people and my manufacturing unit is in Mumbai. I keep travelling Mumbai to Delhi as my shops are in Delhi and my family base is in Delhi.

12. Do you have any celebrities attached to your collections to showcase them?

From the beginning, I have been the face of my collections and I don’t see that changing in the near future, as it is my absolute passion to see the collection through till the end. My involvement is not just in the design phase.

13. When it comes to Jewelry shopping which is the city you like the most?

For Indian Jewelry, there is nowhere better than Jaipur. The Polki, the typical Rajwada collections are the best there.

14. Where do you source most of your diamonds?

There is Brazil, South Africa, Hong Kong etc. Wherever I go and see a good piece, I pick it up and cannot leave it. Then I take it home and design something from it. I don’t go with a buying list, as I am a designer and cannot be specific. I need to have freedom in my mind to create.

15. Do you like uncut or the refined polished diamond look?

You know, the trends are really changing. People are wearing uncuts with evening gowns. You may see me wearing that tomorrow. So again whatever suits you and makes you look unique.

16. How do you define Luxury?

Every brand is calling themselves luxury these days. So in such a competent world, every brand wants to say they are luxurious. For me, what is luxury is rare. I don’t repeat my pieces. None of my pieces will be repeated ever unless it was requested by you for your daughter. So it has to be rare. If you see this commonly, then where is the rare factor? Rolls Royce is luxury, because everybody doesn’t have it. The day when everybody owns it, the luxury aspect is gone.

17. What is the scope of the business today, from where you started?

Ten years back people were more into family jewelry and heirlooms and now the trend has changed. Women are getting more independent. They have more earnings, the right to take decisions and can ask what they want. Now the trend of Traditional Jeweler has gone to designer jewelry and they like to buy it from designers and not from whom their families have been buying. Whatever they like is more important than the trust factor, as everything is certified these days with an authenticity certificate.

18. Did you start this journey before marriage or after marriage?

I started all this before marriage, I was just 20 years old and I was one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. It was not given to me by marriage, but of course marriage added on a lot, as before I was doing it just for fun and then realized that a lot of women wanted to buy what I had to offer, that made me take it on as a serious business. All that happened after marriage as it also needed considerable investment.

19. As the market is price sensitive, how would you rate your prices?

I am in my launch phase and I have put forward really competitive pricing to make sure that people get a chance to experience world class designs at very competitive prices as I believe in long term business relationships and not just a one-time purchase.

20. What do you tell yourself to remain motivated ?

When I need motivation I just look at what I have done for the past 10 years and it gives me a great boost to move ahead with renewed passion and energy. So there is no way back for me other than to just keep looking ahead and going higher.