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The brainchild of Himalayan Master Bharat Thakur, Artistic Yoga was developed in 1999 when he saw that the Yoga being taught and practiced all over the world and in India was in no way as powerful, dynamic and immediate as authentic Yoga could be. Along with special innovative programmes like Himalayan Challenge, Reduce Every Day (RED) and Tri-FiT, Bharat Thakur Artistic Yoga now introduces the SuperFAST programme wherein you can lose up to 10kgs in a month’s time.

1.What makes SuperFAST programme special?

SuperFAST programme is for the ones who wish to lose good amount of weight in a short period of time. With SuperFAST programme, you can lose up to 10 kilograms in just 30 days, and this is what makes SuperFAST programme special.

2. What are the benefits of SuperFAST programme?

SuperFAST is the programme that gives maximum results in minimum time. As the programme begins, you can feel increased stamina and high energy levels. With active work-out sessions, you can experience better sleep, improved digestion, greater joint stability, restored fitness and enriched strength. In addition to this, power-packed yoga sessions act as a magical tonic for your body. Every muscle become rejuvenated with a SuperDOSE of Yoga.

3.What should be the eating habit for people who choose SuperFAST programme? Do you provide guidance?

There’s something called ‘Cleansing Food Plan’, it not only gets you eating healthy, but also eating the right kind of food items at the right time of the day. This keeps you in sync with the natural biorhythms of your body to keep them SuperENERGIZED. Detox sessions help you to get rid of old habits and eating patterns to become SuperCHARGED with fresh energy and look SuperYOUNG.

4.If SuperFAST programme helps to lose weight in 30 days, will the weight escalate post that? How to ensure that one doesn’t put on weight?

Any programme holds good, as long as a healthy fitness programme is being followed. To ensure that you do not put on weight, a combination of healthy food and fitness sessions would work perfectly. We recommend that you should follow SuperFAST programme at least two times a year, but not more than three times.

What’s holding you back today? Why not experience the SuperFAST way of living healthy?