A former television presenter in Dubai who now lives in Malaysia, Zenofar Fathima has successfully produced a TV show called FoodAddict that infuses together Malaysia and Dubai. Post her success, she went on to launch House of Zen, a lifestyle TV show. She believes in women who are self-dependent and walk that extra mile to build their career.

Zenofar has been experimental about her career choices. She loves doing cinemas and that’s the reason you will see her acting in her own production – Selfie, a short film.

Your memorable moments of the show – FoodAddict

One of the memorable experiences when filming FoodAddict was when I went to a pencak silat school, pencak silat is a Malay sport. I had fun playing with the kids and it was really a memorable experience learning a new game which is closely linked to the Malay culture.

What interests you the most when it comes to food?

The presentation. I believe presentation of the food is one of the most important aspects of serving someone, as it is our eyes which taste the dish before our mouths do. It is what determines how tempted one is to taste your dish, hence, it’s very important.

How was it like to host House of Zen?

It was an amazing experience, different from food, as it is more about fashion and lifestyle. I myself am a fashion freak, and am always on the lookout for new unique pieces, so hosting the event and bringing unique brands all under one roof was truly astounding. The most amazing thing was learning about the story behind each design and the brands, so that was exciting.

What would you be if not a TV presenter/Producer?

I would go into criminology. I have a bit of a background in it when studying, so pursuing it on a full time basis would have been my alternative.

Between Dubai and Malaysia, which is the better place to spend a lifetime?

Honestly, both places are close to my heart. Both countries are great to live in.

Tell us about your passion for cinema/short films

I always wanted to be a filmmaker, and always had a passion for films, and mostly short films. It’s because most of the short films I’ve watched are based on real life and many of our true life stories, they teach us how to tackle daily issues in life, and those are to me, the most intriguing. That’s how I decided to do the Enigma series, and all my short films come under this series. An enigma is a person or a thing which is mysterious or puzzling in some way. Basically, the Enigma series looks at these mysterious or puzzling real life experiences that people share but may not want to disclose, offering a strong and relatable message to the audience.

What inspired you to come up with Selfie?

As we all know, selfies are self-photographs. We are in absolute control of how the photo turns out, and how we want it to turn out. What really inspired me to create Selfie was the fact that instead of enjoying a photo opportunity, our current generation is more focused on taking the selfie itself. As you’ll see soon, the film tackles this aspect of the selfie in a way which has never been seen on screen before.

What kind of genres appeal you?

I like the thriller and mystery genre, they both provide the adrenaline rush and it’s also why my films lean towards this genre.

What do you see next for you?

I would continue the Enigma series, developing it to its fullest. Another passion I will pursue is singing, I am currently in talks with some singers, so that will take off soon as well.