Gloria Belendez Ramirez

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Through the tiniest key-hole of the darkest room, she peeps into ‘Life’; amongst all the possessions in the world, ‘Happiness’ is her favourite pick; the most happening hangout for her is ‘freedom’ – She is Gloria Belendez Ramirez – lively, cheerful and full of life. Gloria embraces life with quite a wide smile and her ever-positive attitude has also crowned her with the title – Ambassador of Happiness. She is the powerhouse of happiness and when around her, there’s not one dull moment.

Have you ever met someone who says “I am completely out of my mind”? Well, Gloria Belendez Ramirez thinks it is fun to explore one’s inner-self and go absolutely bizarre in the way we approach life. In short, be happy and stay happy, no matter what. Do whatever it takes to gain some extra calories of love, each day. Gloria’s life might seem to be too perfect to be true, but it’s very much achievable if we all walk on the path of ‘Now’ and live every bit of our life to the fullest.

Gloria is a mother, daughter, interpreter, certified coach, qigong practitioner, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, lover, hotelier, wife and friend. Your friend, too…

What inspired you to choose a career path that is so common and essential but yet unusual – Happiness?

My father once told me, “He who asks little is worth little” I always kept these words in my head. Honestly, I was just living my life and didn’t even realize when it began to live within me permanently. It’s like if you smile, you provoke another smile and then the circle continues…just like a domino effect. My pursuit to entice others to be happy and stay happy, undoubtedly delivers contagious results. This often makes me realize that we’re happiness ourselves and fully charged to spread happiness effortlessly.

Being looked upon as a Happiness Mentor, what happens when you feel low? How do you manage to handle such a situation?

I know that feeling low can be avoided if we take very good care of ourselves.

  • Sleep well
  • Nurture our body mindfully by choosing premium foods and liquids. Drink much water while respecting life’s sacred elixir
  • Breathe in reverent recognition of that inhaling and exhaling of oxygen that connects us to the source
  • Speak kindly
  • Celebrate, celebrate and celebrate

Now you know that challenges are the fertilizers for our growth, the enhancers of our ability to be compassionate and tolerant. Feeling low is natural and is best handled by applying self-compassion. Don’t fight it, just imagine you are hugging the depressed you. Slowly slowly you will see the sun shine; now you will be able to go back to the gratitude mode and snap out of contraction.

How do you deal with the ‘unhappiness’ part in life?

I just know that feeling unhappy is a perfectly natural thing. I also know, from the many years that I lived unhappy, that such a feeling comes from experiencing fear: False Experience Appearing Real. So when and if unhappiness, which is fear, hits me, I just allow it to just be. I allow my thoughts of fear to flow, embracing them, joining Mother Nature to help me ease my fear.

Then I focus on my breathing, thanking my lungs that inhale the oxygen into my system, passing it in a magical manner to the heart to pump it through my veins and arteries. I picture that miraculous act performed in total harmony and team work for me to breathe.

There are fifty trillion cells working together in harmony in absolute unconditional love for me.

I keep focusing on my breath, smiling more and more as gratitude and compassion take over, and again my brain reacts sending me the happiness hormone, provoking once again, calm and serenity.

As I exhale slowly, counting to eight, I imagine how the trees rejoice to receive the carbon dioxide as they in turn, produce the oxygen so vital for us earthlings to live.

Hence, you can feel that we have never been alone, and never will be alone. We are all an essential part of Mother Nature, living in a circle of life where we all matter to each other.

Whatever unwanted happens in life, we tend to see the green as carbon, brown and black – they are the thoughts of our fear, of something that attacks us. In such a situation, just wonder about those cells that make you feel alive. Put your hand on your heart and breathe, while literally thanking your heart, lungs and other organs for giving you a healthy body and life. Smile and you will see everything green again. Now you can appreciate deeply the value of your only real possession as an earthling: your body; it allows has allowed you to navigate in this fiesta called Life since the day you were born!

A piece of advice for young women entrepreneurs.

Don’t let your dreams be negotiable. You can be a writer or an engineer, doctor, finance professional or anything else, the only requirement is for you to remember just how beautiful and miraculous you are, we all are. Choose to appreciate instead of criticizing; select listening over judging. Make sure you take action from the platform of “I feel grateful”…Now you will be able to sense which decisions to take; away from drama and worry.

Happiness for me is an art, an ability to stay grateful especially in challenging times. I aspire to share this beautiful gift of smiles and goodness with everyone I meet.

A mosquito inspired you to change your life. Is that true? How?

Yes, that’s true. However, it’s not only the mosquito, but everything that surrounds us inspires me. I believe in living my life in a constant state of motion and inspiration. Being busy, we fail to listen to the voice of Mother Nature. And when we do, every ordinary event becomes extraordinary.

Generally, we don’t pay attention to the finer things in life and a mosquito was one of them. On a cozy afternoon, this tiny mosquito’s fluttering sound caught my attention, sending me into a strong wow feeling. Having read online that mosquitoes emit that buzzing sound because of the extremely high velocity of their fluttering wings, I went in awe and admiration for the lovely insect. Yes! Not anymore did I see him as a threat, but rather as an inspiration. How is it possible that it is so perfectly designed? I ended up by deliberately offering him a sip of my blood with much joy and simply went to sleep in peace.

From that day onwards, I feel I have a friend in every mosquito.

What’s your secret to stay happy?

It’s really not a secret, it is the cosmic law:

  • Take full responsibility of your health, wealth and well being
  • Align with Source
  • Live in the Now
  • Take action from the “I am already happy” perspective

What’s ‘Villas Xichu’ Happiness Retreat Centre all about?

Villas-Xichu is a Happiness Holistic center in San Miguel de Allende – Mexico. Our motto is “celebrating life no matter what”. Hence, as a consequence, the vibes in that place become fertilizer for anyone who comes to remember just how beautiful we all are. It’s a Centre where we entice people to focus on how beautiful and happy life is.

It all started by building one house. The credit goes to all those workers whose hard work grew more by each passing day. They showed their wisdom with their intense gratitude for being appreciated and for having a salary. This led to our growth and we went on building the Centre even bigger.

Today, we have eight beautifully hand crafted Mexican colonial villas spread over 12,000 square meters of lush gardens that await to pamper you with its unique services. At Villas Xichu, we encourage people to come with their families, friends and colleagues just to celebrate whatever event – weddings, weekend getaways, graduations, company retreats, spiritual retreats or any other occasion.

When you are here, let yourself be. Embrace your fears. They will melt when you simply remember the greatness within you. Dare to feel and express your feelings. Unleash your true self right here.

At Villas Xichu, we invite you to feel that you’re the happiness itself. Let these gardens remind you who you are – YOU ARE the life force that creates in continuous motion.

You said, ‘Spiritual Orgasms’ is the book that came to you. Why?

My passion and mission is to spread happiness by contagion. It wasn’t always like this. In fact, I lived my first 15-16 years of life in fear not knowing how not to live in fear. Now that I know, I believe that we all are perfect creations of source; from the mosquito to the elephant, from the ‘you’ to the ‘me’, we are absolutely free. And what is freedom if not the knowingness that everybody is good and that everything is perfect just the way it is. The freedom to love everyone and everything in the absence of comparisons, judgements or criticisms.

Ah! This freedom gave me wings to feel the extraordinariness in everything. The extreme gratitude that I used to feel would urge me to write my feelings in my iPhone. The ‘gratitude orgasm’ would come in the form of a poetry. Then, once upon calming down, I would need to explain myself what had just happened – the clarification would come in prose, to finally end with sharing through a call to action from the receiver of my message:

I have divided these ‘vivid encounters in the now’ in five sections:

  • Decide to be happy
  • Stay happy
  • No matter what
  • How I
  • Just believe

I love the idea of ‘freedom’ and indulging myself into a happy space. I believe, it’s wonderful to be free, because when you accept yourself the way you are, it enables you to accept others the way they are. This in turn lessens the burden of expectations and leaves you with happiness in abundance. It’s important to know that the almighty is here for all of us, we just need to start loving ourselves first- this is the message that this book wants to share through me to others.

A statement that fuels you

When the time gets rough, stay in the flow of trust and away from the ‘never give up’ statement. This allows me to stay away from criticism and judgement, aligned with source at all times allowing me to access the infinite possibilities waiting for us all.

Nothing limits us except our own mind.