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Hardik Harsora

The 3 Most Crucial Challenges The Retail Industry Has Faced Since Decades We have entered the digital age. Many pundits have called this the age for e-commerce to flourish. And they are right. However, retail will continue to dominate the

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Zürain Imam

Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in all aspects related to fashion, style and image.  As a teenager and young adult it was for all the superficial and puerile reasons (trying to impress; fitting in and in

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Jimmy Arujo

Brand Stand A peek into what gets brands to their zenith or nadir. The watch you wear gets stared at. The sunglasses you sport get admiring looks. The car you drive decides your next promotion. Or probably attracts suspicion. Don’t

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Sally Bitar

Branding: An Emotional Identity of Your Own When one hears the term “branding”, the very first picture that is formed in that individual’s mind is a busy highway with the largest of billboards and highly-technological ads. If one is slowly

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