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Our Stars

The Label Sticks features celebrities that have outshone the crowd and created labels that glam the world. These stars form


Elegance and grace come naturally to the elite. They are deeply rooted to their culture and equally connected to the

Learning Curve

Knowledge is the most valuable asset one can ever own under the leadership of a mentor. Know the stars that


Fitness freaks would love this section! Whether you’re fit or wanting to be fit, here’s everything you’d be interested in


Calling all the ‘Gizmo Freaks’. “What’s new?” Is your favorite question. “Here it is!” Is the answer we’ll always have

Boutique Brands

Meet Chitwn Malhotra the designer who equips you with the authentic bling factor to help you flaunt it with poise.

Vanity Boost

Confidence comes from within you but what’s outside matters just as much. Looking good always feels good. You don’t want

Bon Voyage

The sky used to be the limit until we found the world beyond it. Escape into skylines you haven’t discovered

Hot Wheels

Talk about luxury and wheels are one of the first things you want to get behind. Check out some amazing

Dream Builders

Building blocks of success, our real-estate tycoons have made the most of the land – sea – sky – and

The Gobble Factor

Food is an art and an experience and we love the brands who treat it as such. Meal time is

Materials Matter

Behind every big achievement, lie small milestones. They are the material inputs that come together to deliver a successful output.